2019: Nomination:  Berlin Music Video Awards.  Best Cinematography.  "Diamond heart - Alan Walker"
2018: Nomination:  Edda Awards.  Best Cinematography.  "I Remember You"
2016: Nomination:  Kosmorama.  Kanon Prize.  Best Cinematography. "The Disappearing Illusionist"
2012: Nomination:  Golden Screen.  Best Cinematography.  "Buzz Aldrin, what happened to you in all the confusion?"
2011: Winner:  Capalbio Cinema.  Best Cinematography.  "Jenny"
2002: Nomination:  Dragon Awards.  Best Cinematography.  "Made in Iceland"
2000: Nomination:  Camerimage.  Golden Tadpole:  "Repetition"

2017: Winner:  International Emmy Awards.  Best Dramaseries. "Mammon2"
2011: Winner:  Norwegian Short Film Festival. Terje Vigen Award. "Jenny"
2011: Winner.  Abu Dhabi Film Festival.  Best Narrative. "A Marriage"
2009: Winner.  Tromsø International Film Festival.  Best Film.  Audience Award. "The Storm In My Heart"
2006: Winner.  Cannes Film Festival.  Palme D´Or - Best short film. "Sniffer"
2006: Winner.  Cannes Film Festival.  Norman McLaren Award. "Sniffer"
2006: Winner.  Norwegian Short Film Festival.  Prix UIP.  "Sniffer"
2004: Winner.  Montreal International Children's Film Festival.  Children's jury Prize.  "United"


2017  "I REMEMBER YOU"  Director: Óskar Þór Axelsson/Production: ZikZak films
2015  "THE DISAPPEARING ILLUSIONIST"  Director: Bobbie Peers/Production: Merfilm
2009  "THE STORM IN MY HEART"  Director: Pål Jackman/Production: Kongfilm
2004  "GODDESS"  Director: Silja Hauksdottir/Production: Blueeyes production
2003  "UNITED"  Director: Magnus Martens/Production: 41/2
2002  "MADE IN ICELAND"  Director: Mikael Torfason/Production: ZikZak films


2019 "BLOODRIDE" Director: Geir Henning Hopland/Production: Netflix
2019 "WHISTLEBLOWER"  Director: Eva Sørhaug/Production: Misofilm Norway
2019 "SANCTUARY"  Director: Óskar Þór Axelsson/Production: Yellow Bird/Fabula Picture
2018  "MAGNUS"  Director: Geir Henning Hopland/Production: Viafilm
2017  "ABER BERGEN2"  Director: Ole Endresen/Production: ITV
2017  "BORDERLINER"  Director: Rune Langlo/Production: Monster
2016  "ACQUITTED2"  Director: Geir Henning Hopland/Production: Misofilm
2015  "MAMMON2"  Director: Pål Jackman/Production: NRK
2015  "THE THIRD EYE"  Director: Geir Henning Hopland/Production: Rubicon
2014  "ACQUITTED"  Director: Rune Langlo/Production: Misofilm
2014  "THE VEGETABLE GARDEN (pilot)"  Director: Bobbie Peers/Production: BUG
2012  "LILLYHAMMER"  Director: Geir Henning Hopland/Production: Rubicon
2011  "BUZZ ALDRIN"  Director: Geir Henning Hopland/Production: Motlys


2018  "TO PLANT A FLAG"  Director: Bobbie Peers/Production: Ape & Bjørn,ZikZak
2017  "BUI"  Director: Inga Lisa Middelton/Production: ZikZak
2016  "VILL MARK"  Director: Thea Hvistendahl/Production: Frokostfilm
2013  "PEOPLE WHO FALL"  Director: Bobbie Peers/Production: Fjordkraft
2011  "FARUKHS COIN"  Director: Susanne Falkum Løvik/Production: Kongfilm
2011  "LEXDYSIA"  Director: Marc Reisbich/Production: Storm Studios
2011  "THE KNIVE"  Director: Eirik S Slåen/Production: Montages
2011  "JENNY"  Director: Ingvild Søderlind/Production: Mediamente
2011  "A MARRIAGE"  Director: Henning Rosenlund/Production: Kongfilm
2009  "PIGS"  Director: Geir Henning Hopland/Production: Graceland
2009  "THE LAST ROUND"  Director: Ingvild Søderlind/Production: Mediamente
2008  "THE CROQUETMATCH"  Director: Bobbie Peers/Production: Kongfilm
2007  "AWAKENING"  Director: Susanne Falkum Løvik/Production: Alligator
2007  "NEW DAY IN THE MORNING"  Director: Pål Jackman/Production: Alligator
2007  "AUDITION"  Director: Marius Soma/Production: Alligator
2007  "DOWN UNDER"  Director: Bobbie Peers/Production: Alligator
2007  "SPANDEXMAN"  Director: Bobbie Peers/Production: Alligator
2006  "SNIFFER"  Director: Bobbie Peers/Production: The Dream Factory
2000  "REPETITION"  Director: Marco Venditti/Production: LFS


2011  "VERTICAL ON MY OWN"  Artist: A K Dolven
2009  "WHEN THE SKY BECAME MY GROUND"  Artist: A K Dolven
2008  "AHEAD"  Artist: A K Dolven
2007  "WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU"  Artist: A K Dolven


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MUSIC VIDEOS(selected):

Alan Walker, Karpe Diem, Lars Vaular, Vinnie, Sondre Lerche, Carnival Kidz, Rumble in Rhodos, Eberg, D ́sound, Kate Havneviik, Mattias Tellez


1997-2000  London Film School
1994-96 University of Iceland - Literature